Founded in 1901, ESIGELEC, a Grade École is ranked amongst the top 15 Graduate Engineering Schools in France. We pride ourselves in the quality of engineering studies in the fields of telecommunications, electronics, information technologies, information networks, embedded systems, automation and robotics, electrical engineering for transport, mechatronics, energy and sustainable development, biomedical engineering, business engineering and financial engineering.

ESIGELEC moved to its current location in 2004, and is now nestled in the Science & Technology Park, Technopôle du Madrillet, amid several institutions of higher education, companies and research centres. Spread over 12,000 square meters, ESIGELEC has a well-appointed, Wi Fi enabled campus, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, auditoriums, classrooms, laboratories, language labs, student clubs, an incubator and a cafeteria.

The school, a not-for-profit association, is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen (CCIR) and the Administration Council whose members include representatives of the Alumni Association (SIGELEC), local public like the Regional Council, Greater Rouen – CREA, corporates (Aircelle, EDF, France Telecom, Synchronic, Thales Air Systems, Valéo and UIMM), and academia (University of Rouen, Institute Mines Telecom).

Project-work, lab-work, project management modules, foreign languages and internships make out students industry-ready, even as they are exposed to cultures from across the world, as ESIGELEC prides itself in its international outlook: 35% of the student population comprises foreign nationals apart from the 85 university partners world-wide. A mandatory experience abroad encourages our students to broaden their horizons in a planet where dialogue is becoming increasingly important.

18 double degree programmes: 3 Manager-Engineer double-degree programmes (in partnership with NEOMA BS, Audencia, Telecom Management School, 3 Researcher-Engineer double-degree programmes (in partnership with the University of Rouen), 12 double-degree programmes abroad (USA, Ireland, Germany, Canada, UK, Denmark).

IRSEEM, the Institute of Research and Development in Electronic Embedded Systems: IRSEEM was created to meet the research requirements of the automotive, aeronautics, electronics and telecommunications industries.Its areas of act ivity are Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in the following domains: Electronics & Systems (electromagnetism, EMC, microwave frequencies) Automation & Systems (diagnosis and engine control, monitoring complex systems), Instrumentation, Computer Science & Systems (navigation, intelligent transportation)

Destination France

The 5th most powerful country in the world, France boasts a dynamic and diversified industrial sector, with a strong focus in telecommunications, electronics, automobiles, aerospace and military equipment. Its well-developed services sector constitutes more than 75 % of the country’s wealth and France is among the top 10 exporting nations in the world. With 78.95 million foreigners visiting France in 2010, it maintains its position as the most visited country on the planet! Its hospitable citizens, comprising people of different nationalities, live together in harmony and make of France a multi-cultural haven.

Rouen – the historical capital of Normandy

ESIGELEC is located very close to the city of ROUEN, an hour and a half from Paris, by rail or by road. Rouen offers an eclectic blend of technology, business and tourism. This capital city of the Upper-Normandy region, with the fifth largest port in France, has a strong industrial presence and an immaculately maintained, historical city centre.